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Bridges in Redding California
I am a resident of Redding California and used go to several different local churches.  As of 2019 I am churchless now and I got fed up with modern Bibles, and the twisting of God's Word.  

I hope you enjoy this site.  I have done all the work myself. 

Thank You

Dale Gordon


Building Bridges

Redding is a city of many bridges.  Metaphorically speaking Jesus is the bridge to life.  That is of course a better life, a life of Love.  I have lived lives of hatred leading nowhere but death, hell, and if you are lucky like me prison.  
Before becoming a Christian I lived a hollow and empty life wanting more but achieving less.  Now I love Jesus I must confess.  I now build bridges of love rather than tear them down.  Love is free so pass it around.  
Bridges may come in all shapes and forms old and new but the bridge to everlasting life is through Jesus Christ our LORD.  
This is a web site for healing of relationships and minds and for people who have suffered terribly.  It is not  just for Christians but for those who want to learn about Christ.  I have experienced many setbacks including serious computer failures.  I have been set back with time and money as well as much emotional chaos.  There is still a lot of work to do on this site and it is slowly coming around.  
I have worked very hard and on a tiny budget.  I hope you enjoy this site.  Note that this web site goes through constant changes with daily improvements check back from time to time for updates.  
Life has gotten very difficult and I often write at night in haste.  I only hope this all works out.  Satan has done his all to destroy this web site, and all I have worked for.  Please keep me in your prayers.  AMEN...
I know it is hard, but I have to rely on the hand of Jesus Christ.  Nothing will get you through this life except Jesus.  The enemy had told me this season of loss was going to last forever, but it didn't.  Every bad storm comes to an end, and last time I checked there is still a rainbow.  I haven't found the pot of gold at the rainbow's end yet I don't care because I know the Devil doesn't want me doing this and he has tried his all to stop me.  The only stop is a stop sign at the end of Satan's chain.  
Though this world all started with just one sin.  Satan ain't ever coming back again.  It's a new day, love on this wise.  Satan lost judged by his thieving lies.  We can overcome by trusting in Jesus name.  Satan mocked God, Satan is the blame.  The Saints go marching on, the Devil bound in chain.

Updates as of October 4th 2010.  For so long I have begged God for an answer.  I have begged God for a way out of this mess I have created in my life, but there was no answer.  This morning, (years ago) I was having a lot of visions each time I drifted off back to sleep.  One of the visions was a stop sign on top of a building at the corner but I kept walking though I was in the sky.  I stepped onto Jesus hand but I kept walking.  In the distance I saw a high mountain but the path in the air took me to the top and I was able to walk around this mountain as if it were not even there.  

Updates as of July 20th 2019.  Life is changing now for the better...  Now is July 20th, 2019 Christ still hasn't returned but looking at all the Bible's promises it is safe to say I can almost make him out on the horizon.  My mental health problems are resolved with lots of medications, and I have a vehicle and all my basic needs are met.  

Sundial Bridge
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