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Latest News  (Dates back to sometime mid 2009.)
This site has been my personal war with the Devil and in this case GOD Almighty prevailed through me.  I am now doing some major refinements.  I began this site with almost no money, serious medical problems, tired, emotional problems, personal problems and more but I am succeeding in winning souls to Jesus.  Just as Jesus told me over and over, "we press on," I pressed on and now whether right wrong or indifferent I created even beyond what my wildest dreams ever expected.  Things professionals said I was too stupid and worthless to do I did but they underestimated the greatness of the GOD I serve.  I beat prison's madness and chains, excaped the grips of hell, overcame total insanity, I had to put the man in the mirror in his place and most important of all I found a renewed love in LORD Jesus Christ.  I found love is not from anything temporal, the love of a woman, or even financial success.  Love cannot be achieved by any worldly means.  Love comes only from one place.  That place is LORD Jesus Christ and in all the nightmares and foolish things I have done Jesus Christ was there.  I have survived scams where people took all I owned and more and when it all ended love stands strong because I remained faithful.  I am still standing after all the stupidity I ever created, I survived all of Satan's attacks and in the end through Christ Jesus GOD Almighty won over all in my life....  AMEN!!!

by Dale Lee Gordon

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What would Jesus do for your love???  What would so many others not do for your love?  The truth is God loves you so much that he gave his own Son from his His throne on high allowing him to become a common man and live a life as a human being.  From birth in the manger to death on a cross the story does not end there.  This man this KING this God came here to live for you and was born to die a horrible death so that you could live.  The life of this man, Jesus Christ, conquered death and now reigns forever as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords.  Because Jesus went to the cross, which He did out of love for humanity, you can have life.  You can be delivered from death to life simply by accepting Jesus Christ in your heart today.  Your life is like a computer, you haul out the trash before you defragment the hard drive.  Upon defragging you will run anti-virus protection and in a way Jesus is like computer repairing software that you can allow to run in your life.  All you have to do is hit "save" when selecting the name of Jesus.  You can turn your heart over to Jesus simply by accepting our LORD of life into your heart today.  Where there was once clutter confusion and fragmentation, now it can be replaced with Faith Hope and Love.  Because of what Jesus did for you can give you the opportunity of life everlasting.  The choice is yours to accept or reject.  Friends I implore you to let down the firewalls that protect your heart and accept the gift God has offered to you since the beginning of time:  That of course is the opportunity to serve a Risen King Jesus Christ.  This is the best choice in life you will ever make.  Don't be shy purchase some hallowed ground in heaven today.  Say yes to the KING and through Jesus you will truly survive anything.  Amen and Amen...  Friend, Jesus lover of my soul, is calling you today.  Get on your knees in a heart filled way and open your life to the KING and just pray.  Accept Jesus in your heart and the God of peace and joy will give you a fresh start.  Though your life is lying in the grips of pain, I have been there too I once wore Satan's chain.  I know the feeling well, accept Jesus Christ and Jesus will pick you up from the very place you fell.  Stand up and accept the reward, call upon the name of Jesus the Name of the LORD.  God bless you my friends you have made the right choice and are heading to heaven where peace never ends.  

For every door God shuts He opens another....  It is not to late to accept Jesus into your heart.  

Past News:

One of my next projects was going to be a book called, "A Letter to the Scammers."  God didn't want me working on that because I can't open the file.  It was a painful lesson and a painful book I am not sure if I will ever proceed forward with.  I need to get off of negative subjects and start giving God glory over the areas of my life where the LORD is working.  I am rewriting this section here because one pastor a good one spoke of forgiveness and how unforgiveness has been all too common.  This pastor said in his sermon that often churches would speak of certain things while avoiding other topics if tithing went down.  That is true and it is not right.  I have been used hard and treated absolutely horrible by people that should have been trusted, and several people have even hated me.  Since this site talks about the glorious character of God I will now be talking about how the LORD is working in my life.  
My next place of interest is in success character building in the LORD Jesus Christ.  I am sick and tired of the old me and it is now a time to reap a harvest from the good seed I have sown.  I will be working on me and now that I have regained the love for myself as well as self confidence I am ready to move on from the past and I look forward to the future.  This is not a self idolatry in pride but rather a confidence with the LOVE of Jesus Christ.  


Dale Lee Gordon

PS  For a long time I didn't know where to turn or what to do and I was tired. In the end GOD came through in a big way and now I am getting my life fully situated and back in order.  God helped me get through a ton of grief.  GOD is my Sword my Shield and my everything.  In the end after all the hatred and stupidity GOD has prevailed in my life. I fought the fight and I won though GOD's power...

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Audio file "A Little History."  I hadn't realized just how much suffering I went through during these times.  I don't need money now because I am managing it a lot better that and its too late we are at the end!